Outdoor Entertainment

The backyard of your home is a place where you can get out and enjoy the out-of-doors with your family and friends. Some people enjoy cookouts and entertaining in their backyard, especially during the warm weather months. When it comes to creating the perfect backyard haven for entertaining, there are a lot of ideas you can go with to make it beautiful, and functional for entertaining.

From outdoor cinema experiences to a complete musical oasis, most of your designs will depend on what is important to you and your budget. Having a beautiful outdoor entertainment area that is not only functional, but beautiful can make backyard entertaining that much more enjoyable. If you’re looking to create the perfect backyard entertainment area that is perfect for your lifestyle, we can make that happen. Contact Us today for an appointment.


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Outdoor Audio System Installation

We install premium sound systems intelligently around your outdoor space. We ensure they blend in with your environment and are located in the right places to deliver the best acoustics. Depending on the noise level in the area, we can install extra speakers to enhance the volume as needed.

Outdoor Video System Installation

Watch your favorite movies or the big game with a water-resistant 4K high-resolution television specially designed to work outdoors. These TVs can withstand direct sunlight, moisture, heat, and the cold. We will install the video system in the ideal viewing position within your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living

Set up the perfect outdoor living experience with automated audio and video systems, wireless speakers, and balanced lighting. Our team can design and build outdoor video/audio experiences with surround sound Dolby Atmos music systems and a large screen weather-resistant TV.

  • Lighting
    Automated lighting creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere for a quiet evening alone or a neighborhood get-together. Illuminate pools, fire pits, and walkways to welcome guests. Additionally, we can set up motion detectors and scheduled lighting to enhance home security.
  • Appliances
    Stay connected to your outdoor kitchen appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and grills. Monitor temperatures, start or stop ovens, and even cool your favorite beverage.
  • Irrigation
    Smart irrigation systems allow you to water the grass and landscapes via a smart device. These systems make it convenient to keep your lawn and yard green throughout the year.
  • Networking
    High-speed internet is critical to running all outdoor systems efficiently. We can help extend Wi-Fi from your home to the outdoors. Now you can work by the pool or in the backyard.

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Outdoor Entertainment

We provide weather-resistant speakers, televisions, and accessories that will complement your outdoor space. From patios to backyards, we can make outside living more fun than ever.

  • Television
    A smart television or projector is a wonderful addition to an outdoor living space. You can enjoy sports, the news, or a movie night with family and friends.
  • Audio
    To complement the television, you need a sound system. Our premium sound systems are perfect for watching movies or listening to music. Use voice activation to control audio devices.
  • Streaming
    We install smart televisions and audio systems that connect to Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Stay entertained by streaming all the popular apps. We make it easy to control any outdoor systems remotely with a smart device or waterproof remote.
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