Are you looking for an exceptional audio-video system design and installation company with homeowner services in the Atlanta metropolitan area? System South combines decades of experience with expert, up-to-date knowledge of technology products to help bring your entertainment to a new level.

Home Networking

System South specializes in innovative network technology that can exceed the demands of your modern integrated home. Our team can get all your devices talking to one another and optimize your internet connectivity.

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Home Audio Systems

At System South, we offer a wide selection of home audio systems. Our expert guidance makes customizing your in-home audio experience for your family and lifestyle simple. You can enjoy crystal clear music in any room of your home with our high-quality audio systems. You can easily connect your mobile devices and your favorite audio apps with our technology.

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Home Theater

An authentic cinema experience is set apart by proper design. Combining the right products, speakers, lighting controls, and other modern tech will create the ideal home theater system. We can design a home theater that you and your entire family will enjoy for years to come.

We will make sure that your home cinema project looks and sounds crystal clear, is easy to use, and blends into your environment. Again, our expertise and experience ensure that unequaled quality installation.

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Home Lighting Control

At System South, we can help you set a daily schedule to bring up the lights as you pull into your home. Program a vacation schedule to bring your home to life, giving the appearance someone is home and deterring would-be intruders.

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Smart Home Technology

You can integrate your home’s temperature, surveillance/security, video, audio, light controls, and so much more. Put your home into autopilot mode and let your programmable settings handle everything for you.

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Home Security

An intelligent home security system connects to your wireless network so you can monitor and control your security devices right from your smartphone. You can access and control your home security and surveillance with a touch of your finger.

Our custom design consultants are available to discuss your unique needs in order to design and install a plan to meet your budget limits with innovative and connective technology.

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Learn more about the variety of homeowner services we offer in the Atlanta area. Call System South at 678-257-7008.

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